Tour Reservation



Every Saturday between 12:00 pm and 10:00 pm
Thursday and Friday between 6:00 pm and 10:00 pm
July and August 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

20 minute private narrated tour
1 – 4 passenger & $5 each additional person

45 minute private narrated tour
1 – 6 passengers

45 minute Private Reserved Narrated Tour
covers 7 to 9 people
(Carriage seating capacity is 165 lbs per person)

Pay above and call to reserve date!!
Call  1-615-983-2303

In a Nutshell

Horse-drawn romantic rides hoof it through downtown Nashville with passengers snuggled away in a limousine-style white carriage


After extensive experimentation, horses were selected as the ideal animal to pull carriages, since cows interrupted the mood with their mooing and pigs got hung up in line for the hot-dog stand. Take advantage of horses’ selfless nature with this great deal.

Passengers greet both horse and chauffeur as they board their stately, wheelchair-accessible Vis à Vie luxury carriage and embark on a 20-minute evening jaunt, bypassing landmarks, historic buildings, and high-end horseshoe boutiques.

Sugar Creek Carriages

As a Sugar Creek Carriages horse, Flint attends so many weddings he might as well be standing on a cake. The charming percheron draft horse sports a fair complexion and snowy mane that match traditionally white wedding dresses and the wedding carriages he often tows. He is one of 10 well-groomed, mannerly horses and ponies that provide the horsepower for an array of stylish buggies. Additionally, the animals make appearances at festivals, reenactments, and kids’ pony parties. Sugar Creek Carriages also networks with the entertainment industry, a connection that recently led pop singer Justin Bieber to rent a carriage while he was in Nashville and his unicorn-drawn chariot was in the shop.

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