Wedding Packages

Wedding Transportation

Our wedding packages features both horse-drawn carriages for your wedding parties, wedding ceremony, and wedding reception. Our formally dressed drivers are well trained to accommodate your special needs on your special day.
We have a variety of 3 hour wedding packages.
Our choices of carriages include:
6-passenger Cinderella Vis-a-Vie Carriage (two seats facing).
6-passenger carriage + 9 passenger carriagesTwo 6-passenger carriages + two 9-passenger carriages

Indian Weddings
Sugar Creek Carriages is proud to be able to feature wedding packages expressly for the traditional Indian weddings. This very bright, elaborate ceremony uses a white horse decorated with embroidered horse costumes. Traditionally, the groom rides the horse to the ceremony, although carriages are preferred in many cases.

Three Packages Available:
White Horse Package:
Beautifully Groomed White Horse with proper drapings
Horse and Carriage Package: Beautifully Groomed White Horse with proper drapings and our Elegant Wedding Carriage
Call for pricing on these great packages

Because these are large events, Sugar Creek Carriages is capable of providing several carriages for the wedding party and guests.

Cowboy Weddings
Starting at $450 at the Ranch
We also cater old fashioned cowboy weddings with all the trimmings. this includes your choice of traditional ,or Cinderella carriage /covered wagon /stage coach,we also can provide single white horses for bride,and groom to ride in on,and we offer preacher/wedding singer,and can host your whole wedding party here at our Sugar Creek Carriages Ranch.We also can host your personalized Redneck weddings (media welcomed).

Wedding Carriages

We have a variety of wedding packages ranging from one hour to three hour events with a romantic, horse drawn carriage.

Cinderella Carriage
Brides (and fathers?) arrive at their wedding ceremony in this old fashioned and very romantic style. The clip-clop sound of the horse with formally dressed driver sets the stage for an impressive ceremony. The Bride and Groom plus the Best Man and Maid of Honor can use the carriage after the wedding too in route to the reception. It seats four for weddings.
We have two carriages available with a Cinderella topper, a $25 option: a carriage with royal purple interior and a carriage with emerald green interior. These are our our favorite carriages for romantic weddings. We can provide these carriage alone or in combination with other carriages and luxury limousines.

Classic Vis a Vie Carriage
Similar to the Cinderella Vis-a-Vie carriage, this wood-grained carriage also seats up to six people for weddings. It features an optional canopy.

Limousine Carriages
With three rows of seats, these white carriages seat up to nine people for weddings. One carriage is available with a black and white interior; the other has a red interior.