All cancellations, if applicable, must be made 24 hours advance.

Cancellation PolicySugar Creek Carriages operates under a “No Cancel, No Refund” policy with specific exceptions.If a customer requests a cancellation, Sugar Creek Carriages will look at the merits of the situation and make a decision.
Convenience – If the cancellation is for the convenience of the customer, the cancellation will not be accepted and no refund will be issued. This includes requests because of weather, minor illness, traffic congestion, personal convenience, and similar issues.
Uncontrollable Events – If the cancellation is due to an “Act of God,” verifiable emergency, or order by the City of Nashville that prevents either the customer or Sugar Creek Carriages from performing the tour or ride, Sugar Creek Carriages will either reschedule the event or issue a voucher for equal services within a year.
Weather Regulations – If the requested cancellation is weather-related, Sugar Creek Carriages will follow the regulations of the City of Nashville which govern the use of carriages in excessively hot or cold weather. Sugar Creek Carriages will notify the customer in circumstances which require either a cancellation or rescheduling. Sugar Creek Carriages will either reschedule the event or issue a voucher for equal services within a year.
Unpleasant Weather – In the event of rain, the carriages of Sugar Creek Carriages are equipped with tops. Sugar Creek Carriages provides blanket for cool weather. We strongly suggest that customers dress in appropriate outdoor clothing. Rain and other normal inclement or unpleasant weather are not acceptable reasons for a cancellation.Sugar Creek Carriages will not issue refunds nor reschedule appointments for “no shows” that fail to provide advance notice or to present evidence of unavoidable circumstances.Sugar Creek Carriages may reschedule appointments when a customer requests a different time for the appointment. Such requests must be made a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Sugar Creek Carriages may require a rescheduling fee if an acceptable time can be arranged.Sugar Creek Carriages may issue either a full or partial refund when there is no other acceptable alternative or if Sugar Creek Carriages cannot fulfill the reservation.