Fun Facts About Nashville Covered on Your Ride

-Ask your driver to include interesting historical sites and facts with your ride-
Nashville has a very exciting history that extends well past our current music industry reputation.
  • Nashville is named after Francis Nash, one of the few Patriot generals who were killed during the American Revolution.

  • Fort Nashborough established in early 1779 on the riverfront

  • Jesse James lived in Nashville from 1875 until March 1881

  • 1 & 2 Ave – The archway Architecture design on 1 & 2 Ave was  made so that horses and carriages could carry goods from the boats and access the building on 1st Ave which would be sold at the storefronts on 2nd Ave .

  • Hank Williams history with Nashville is legendary. From writing songs in Toosties Bar to his first performance at the Ryman Auditorium on June 11, 1949 , in which the audience demanded six encores of “Lovesick Blues.”

  • Grand Ole Opry & the Ryman Auditorium–  Originally called WSM Barn Dance in honor of a similar radio program in Chicago, Nashville’s famous weekly country music show was renamed Grand Ole Opry by George Hay on December 10, 1927. It is the world’s longest-running live music radio show.

  • Oprah Winfrey – She got her big break in television as the first black female news anchor at Nashville’s WLAC-TV while she was still a Tennessee State University student.

  • Nashville has over 180 live music venues. If a venue plays music for four or more nights a week, they are issued a guitar pick shaped sign with the words ‘Live Music Venue’ on it.

  • Printer’s Alley – During Prohibition many print shops found in Printers Alley ran a series of speakeasies, creating a swinging underground bar scene. After Prohibition was repealed, many of these bars stayed open; some are still in business today!

  • Jimi Hendrix got his start playing in a small bar in Printers Alley.  Hendrix has been quoted as saying Nashville is where he really learned to play guitar.